Creating Optimism

Creating Optimism

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We live in a world of increasing uncertainty, fractured families, communities and, increasingly, organisations. This is deeply challenging human beings’ natural / inherent optimism and resilience. In this iconic best-seller, Bob and Alicia share the research-backed explanation of why we are more vulnerable than ever to a sense of helplessness and to mood disorders including depression. More importantly, they offer a step-by-step manual for creating the person you want to be and stress-proofing or perhaps rediscovering your innate optimism.

Coauthored by Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry

Published by McGraw-Hill, 2004, Paperback

Hear from readers of 'Creating Optimism'

Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry are two rare psychotherapists who think outside the box in such a way that it opens one's mind and heart to radically inspiring possibilities. Aside from how well-researched and long-practiced their cutting-edge ideas are, they just strike me as TRUE. Creating Optimism is a major boost not just for individuals, like myself, who suffer from Depression, but for the planet as a whole who has been careening off the path to harmony for far too long now. This book can change the world. It has already changed mine. Thank you!

Susan Welch, Amazon Customer

"Creating Optimism is written in language that is easy for the average reader to understand with practical tips for reducing and /or eliminating depression and anxiety.The step-by-step method shows how to break long term patterns that have prevented you from getting what you really want from life - happy, healthy, loving relationships and the JOY that results from them. I have used this method in my Private Practice as a Licenced Clinical Social Worker and also in my personal life. In 20 years in this field, I have been to many types of training and read many books on depression and anxiety and I must say that this is the most powerful and effective method I have found for creating real and lasting change."

Mary Bright, Amazon Customer

"As a doctor I would like to recommend this book to everyone. Research has shown 80% of all the patients physicians see are clinically depressed. This book will help them overcome their illness and by doing so it will do much to lower the rapidly rising healthcare costs in this country. Fortinberry and Murray understand healing. Their knowledge of the whole person is more than profound. The chapter on how depression affects the body and how it somatizes (ie mimics physical illness) is so clear that I have copied it and am giving it as a hand-out to my patients. As a scientist I appreciate the wealth of research that has gone into the writing of theis volume. As a holder of deep spiritual values I applaud their inclusion of a chapter on spirituality as a healing mechanism.
This is a clear, articulate book and I welcome it."

Martin Devlin, Amazon Customer


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Creating Optimism, as I recall.

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