Optimism Bundle

Optimism Bundle

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Two books coauthored by Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry at a discounted price

Creating Optimism

We live in a world of increasing uncertainty, fractured families, communities and, increasingly, organisations. This is deeply challenging human beings’ natural / inherent optimism and resilience. In this iconic best-seller, Bob and Alicia share the research-backed explanation of why we are more vulnerable than ever to a sense of helplessness and to mood disorders including depression. More importantly, they offer a step-by-step manual for creating the person you want to be and stress-proofing or perhaps rediscovering your innate optimism.


Published by McGraw-Hill, 2004, Paperback


Raising an Optimistic Child

The most precious gift you can give your child isn't a generous trust fund or a five-star education — it's the resiliency and unwavering sense of optimism that allows a person to thrive no matter what challenges life sends their way. In Raising an Optimistic Child, you'll learn how to set the stage for lifelong happiness in your child -even if only an infant- and protect him or her from the pain and damage of depression.

Paperback, Published 2005