eBook: Building employee engagement

eBook: Building employee engagement

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In this eBook Dr Bob Murray looks at the whole subject of engagement and its link to high performance and business profitability. He looks at the subject through his eyes as a scientist and a psychologist and asks the fundamental question: what does management need to do to create a resilient, engaged and productive workforce?

He argues that, contrary to so much previous management theory, the key to success lies in creating a working environment that is consistent with our Human Design Specs.

In particular, he examines the core actions that management must take in order to create that kind of workplace. Broadly, these are:

  • Give employees the opportunity and encourage them to socialize, especially among peers
  • Where possible enable contact with nature, pets and children
  • Offer autonomy and a say in decisions, especially those affecting working conditions¬†
  • Co-create with employees the company values and agreed behaviors
  • Establish a policy of nil tolerance of bullying and harassment
  • Realize that engagement is primarily to teams, work groups and departments and through them to the company as a whole
  • Create the teams and work groups which enable this to happen

This e-book is the first in a new series by Dr Bob Murray. Keep an eye on our newsletter to be the first to hear about the next installment!

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