eBook: How to liberate the inner intrapreneur in your female employees

eBook: How to liberate the inner intrapreneur in your female employees

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Women will soon make up the majority of employees in most industries—especially the so-called “knowledge industries”. However, there is an impression among executives that their female employees lack the “masculine” entrepreneurial drive which businesses are looking for to cope with rapidly changing markets and cost pressures. This causes women to miss out on promotions and businesses to miss out on opportunities. But this idea that women lack the drive to innovate and to be more entrepreneurial is a fallacy. They simply do it differently.

Their entrepreneurial drive thrives under conditions that, in reality, would help all employees to be more innovative and intrapreneurial. There is a huge pool of untapped pioneering spirit there for firms who choose to use it.

This eBook lays out the how-to of inspiring not just women, but all employees to use their creativity and entrepreneurial drive for the benefit of the organization. Dr Bob uses examples of firms and leaders who have successfully made this happen and in clear language shows you how it is done.

This e-book is the first in a new series by Dr Bob Murray. Keep an eye on our newsletter to be the first to hear about the next installment!

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